About Maroon Capital

Who we are

Maroon Capital is an alternatives-focused finance RSO with a corporate partnership with New York-based merchant bank Maroon Capital Group. We focus on both public markets and corporate finance, and engage in weekly lectures and workshops to train technical and soft skills in those areas. Additionally, we will host case competitions in collaboration with our corporate sponsors, who will feature Maroon Capital-only internship slots for their summer analyst class.

What we do

Throughout the year we will host presentations on financial careers, interview/application preparation, and commonly used financial skills by both the board and our alumni network. Additionally, we plan to host speakers and representatives from firms to provide members with a diverse set of perspectives and opportunities.


Our education component begins with diversification, asset allocation, and fundamental analysis. In-depth presentations will be delivered throughout each quarter by the executive board. As we move through the year, we will cover technical analysis, volatility trading, options/derivatives, and various other complex strategies.

Investment Competition

We will use the above strategies to compete in mock hedge fund portfolio management through a trading terminal, with the club broken into smaller groups each led by club leadership.